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The Lotus Group believes that high fidelity systems should serve to bring the listener a direct musical and emotional connection with the music. We will only represent products that we believe serve this purpose.

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The PranaWire Photon USB Cable
is Awarded the Positive Feedback Brutus Award for 2013

"...the PranaWire Photon USB demonstrated superiority in key areas, including transparency, ease, naturalness of presentation, and exceptional spatiality. The improved detail was notable. Overall, there was a transformation of DSD file sources, making their clear superiority even more evident."

David Robinson, January, 2014


The SMc VRE-1C Preamplifier


"The SMc VRE-1C may be the very best solid state linestage currently available. It redefines the over written term “sonic reality” with the ability to present lifelike images and accurate tonality like no other linestage this veteran reviewer has yet to hear."

Peter Breuninger ,, October 2013
Awarded Product of the Year -

The Hanss T-60 Turntable

"...a big, bold, and dynamic sound that is also
exceptionally relaxed, inviting, and unaggressive."

Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound, October 2012, Issue 226


The PranaWire Linebacker
In-Line Passive Power Conditioner
Utterly Transformative

"...pure joy."


The Lotus Group is proud to represent the SMC VRE-1C Virtual Reality Engine Preamplifier from Steve McCormack - The New Standard in Highest Performance Audio

Ryan Coleman Reviews the VRE-1C at

"The ability of the VRE-1C to retrieve details heretofore unheard wasn’t limited to the midrange and treble; bass articulation, too, was a revelation. The VRE-1C was able to render much greater accuracy of pitch while also plumbing the lowest octave."

"Anyone...can be certain that the SMc Audio VRE-1C Reference is among the quietest, most resolving preamplifiers on the market, able to achieve those qualities without committing sins in tonality."

Brilliant Reception for The Lotus Group Granada Loudspeaker

" of the finest systems I've ever heard, and not JUST at a show."
   Greg Weaver, Issue 47

"I could have sat and listened to this system for hours."
   Robert Harley, 'The Absolute Sound', Page 12 Issue 199, January 2010

"...the sound was the best I have ever heard in a demo room."
   Roger Gordon Issue 47

"What it was doing that so many other speakers weren’t was sounding flat, uncolored, and utterly coherent."
   Jonathan Valin, January 12, 2010

"You had to be there with me to witness an absolutely amazing set of speakers... SINGING WITH LUCIANO PAVORITI'S thrilling glory."
    Jim Merod - Positive Feedback

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